Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Calvinist Beer

The following quote is from the book, Monro, His Expedition with the Worthy Scots Regiment Called Mac-Keys, written by Robert Monro in 1637 telling of his and his regiment's exploits in the 30 Years War (in Germany). Monro was a devout Presbyterian Christian as you can tell reading his many observations. I read the book last year and enjoyed it.

When I came across this following passage I had to smile:
"This Regiment in nine years time, under his Majesty of Denmarke, and in Dutch-land, had ever good luck to get good quarters, where they did get much good wine, and great quantity of good beer, beginning first with Hamburg beer in Holsten, and after that in Denmarke they had plenty of Rustocke beer, and now at Barnoe, and thereafter they tasted the good Calvinists beer at Serbest...But my choice of all beers is Serbester beer, being the wholesomest for the body, and clearest from all filth or barme, as their Religion is best for the soul, and clearest from the dregs of superstition."
Here's to wholesome and clear food, drink, and religion!

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